Our meetings are open to the public and you will be more than welcome to join us at any or all of them.

Breaking of Bread (10 am, Sunday)
This meeting is a weekly celebration of the life, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, beginning with 10 or 15 minutes of family worship. This is our regular opportunity to strengthen and encourage each other, and to worship the Lord. The service is plain and simple and includes praise, prayer, Bible reading, the simple sharing together of the bread and wine, and exhortation.

Sunday School (10 am, Sunday)
We are pleased to have a group of youngsters who are part of our church family, and we are delighted to have their company as we walk the Christian road together. Sunday School meets at 10 am (starting with a shared all-ages 10 minute service in the main hall) — for praise, fun and learning from God's Word.

We currently have 4 groups, ranging from a pre-school class to a Bible study class for older teenagers.  The aim of our Sunday School is to teach children about God and the Lord Jesus, and to help them to understand and appreciated God's love and purpose. To this end, our activities follow a 4-year programme provided by the Sunday School Union. We are blessed to have a great team of teachers who are dedicated to delivering sessions that are creative, fun, engaging and interactive. 

Highlights of the year include the Sunday School party (usually in January), an outing (when the weather is better) and our annual presentation, where the children have an opportunity to share what they have been doing with the rest of the congregation.

Bible Time (11.45 am, Sunday)
Bible Time is a meeting that is for the benefit of all who are present, young and old, members of our fellowship and anybody else who wishes to join us. We have a variety of formats and styles, and each week we aim to look at a different theme from God's Word that will encourage and strengthen us all in our faith. 

September 29 - Jesus the servant - Paul Ogden

October 6 - Jesus the man - David Dunstan

October 13 - Jesus the divine - Paul Sheppard

October 20 - Harvest Thanksgiving - Tom Genders

October 27 - Jesus the Way - Rodger Yuile

Ladies Tuesday Group and Gentleman's Study Class (Ladies Tuesday Group: 10.45am on the first and third Tuesdays of the month; Gentleman's Study Class: 10.30am on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month)
The Ladies' Tuesday Group is a positive, relaxed, and informal women's meeting. Each session starts with coffee, includes a Bible discussion time and is followed by lunch; this is a great opportunity to enjoy each other's company. You will be very welcome to join us if you are free and would like to share a good time in a friendly environment for an hour or two. The Gentleman's Study Class is a forum to examine and discuss Biblical topics in an open and constructive way. The meetings are open to anyone who has a desire to learn more about God’s purpose with us! 

Bible Discussion Class (8pm, Wednesday)
For many of our members, the Bible Discussion Class is the place to be, a highlight of the week! With good attendance from members and friends from the local community, we regularly enjoy fellowship around the tables to enjoy a feast of good Bible teaching, discussion and sharing together, in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. 

September 25 - Elisha - Simon

October 2 - Galilee - Hilary

October 9 - Quarterly meeting (members only)

October 16 - Matthew for Everyone by Tom Wright (contd.) - Colin I

October 23 - Proverbs and other contradictions - Jan S